Professor Garrett Reed

Professor Garrett Reed is a disgraced archaeologist who was booted out of the society by Lord Henry Mystic. He features as part of the 2015 Hong Kong Disneyland Jungle Cruise Overlay, Terrors of the Jungle.

You can read more about his backstory from the edition of The Daily Colonial Journal:

Famous Explorer is Discredited - Prof. Reed, Grave Robber?
The archaelogical community has been thrown into a state of disapray today, after a series of allegations have been made against notable archaelogist and explorer Garrett Reed.

Progressor Reed, who has been a notable figure in the field could not be reach for comment on the story. He is currently deep in an uncharted jungle seeking his next treasure.

Namely, enchated stones, legend has it, giving one immortality. The Professor may need some of the kinf of magic he appears to be chasing, with news that his peers are seeking to have him arrested and imprisoned for his alleged crimes. One such group, the Society of Explorers and Adventueres (S.E.A.) is seeking to have Reed stricken from the various societies and communities to which he belongs.

It is understoof that Reed was once a member of the S.E.A., but was ejected around three years ago. The reason fir him expulsion still remains a mystery. This reporter was able to speak to Lord Henry Mystic, a current member of the society, and whilst he would not comment on the reason as to why Reed was expelled from the society, he did have this to say about the beleaguered Reed; “He has always had a knack for the nefarious.” Said Mystic. “If these allegations are true, everything must be done to stop him from all future endeavours. The treasures of the past are not something to be pillafes, they are to be preserved for future generations.”

It is alleged that Reed has been pillaging priceless antiquities from sties all around the globe, inaddition to iving ‘donations’ to various museums after his expeditions. The Progessor is known for living somewhat of an extravagant lifestyle, with serval properties around the world. The means in which his liftstyle is funded, is something that now could become the subjext of multiple enquiries.

However, it is Reed’s currentexploration that is of the most concern to one fellow explorer Doctor Henry Jones Jnr. Doctor Jones issued a start warning “Reed is after the trinity. One of the most previous and elusive artegacts on the planet. He is dabbling in forces he could not even begin to imagine”. It was Doctor Jones who first alerted the archacological community to Reed’s alleged nefarious acts. The two archaelogist had been after the same historucal find, a solid gold idol believed to be in an ancient temple on the deep, treacherous jungles of Peru. It was Jones who reached the temple site first, claiming the idol. Today, the idol is proudbly displayed in the esteemed Museum of Antiquities in California. Whilst accounts at the time claim Reed maintain he was not after the idol, but rather other historical artefacts and further kniwledge of the reagion. However, Dr Jones was quick to dismiss this; “He was after the idol. Once I knew he was after it, I knew it would be a race against time to get it first and make sureit ended up in the right hands”. Whilst Reed’s current whereabouts (at the time of printing) are currently unknown, it can surely, only be a matter of time until his peers binf him to answer for the allegations that continue to hound him.

This attraction was designed and developed for Hong Kong Disneyland by the Imagineer Andy Harris, you can read our interview with him.


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