Ruby Swift

As part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise overlay a newspaper, The Daily Colonial Journal, was produced. This newspaper references two people, the first being Professor Garrett Reed and the second is Ruby Swift.

Ice in the Jungle Local businesswoman, Ruby Swift continues to make her mark on the region. Her popular output, which opened six months ago, has become a regular stop for hundread of travellers passing through. However, there is now another unique region to visit, ‘Ruby’s Outpost’. The industrious, Miss Swift has invented a machine that can manufacture ice, Yes, it truely has to be seen to be belived! The machine itself is made from recycled parts of old planes and other machones that Miss Swift has cleverly re-purposed. It seems that necessity really is the mother of invention, when speaking about her invention, Miss Swift sais: “Well., it’s so darn hot here. I wanted an ice tea and I wasn’t going to quit until I could make it happen!” To try this incredible treat for your-self, stop on by Ruby’s Outpost, where you can now purchase delicious, cold beverages. Ruby’s Outpost - open daily from 10am-10pm, closed on Wednesdays.

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Attractions Jungle Cruise
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