Merriweather Adam Pleasure

Merriweather Adam Pleasure was the founder of the Adventurers Club a 90’s attraction based on the now-defunct Pleasure Island. He was reintroduced to the society officially with the creation of Skipper Canteen where he has a Fez cap and a number of books he has authored.

Unofficially Merriweather was introduced into S.E.A. first through the Explorers Club Restaurant, part of the 2013 Mystic Point expansion to Hong Kong Disneyland. The masks which line the entrance to the exhibition originally came from the Adventurers Club. Fans started drawing conclusions between the two attractions. It was further hinted in Disney’s Aulani Resort Hawaii, with a letter from Adventurers Club member Pamila Perkins to Dreamy Ka’imi which references follow society member Harrison Hightower.



Membership Confirmed
Paddle Kissimmee River, 1900
Fez true
Attractions The Adventurers Club
Parks Pleasure Island