Lord Henry Mystic

Lord Henry Mystic is an English aristocrat who is a massive collector of antiquities and treasures from around the world. He rescued inseparable companion Albert the monkey from a giant spider while on an expedition in New Guinea. He has now settled down in the New Guinea jungle, founding Mystic point in 1896.

Mystic point houses his enormous collections from his many voyagers in its two buildings, Mystic Manor and The Explorers Club Restaurant. He has recently opened up his home, Mystic Manor, to showcase his latest find a Balinese music box. He is also an inventor, presenting his latest invention the Mystic Magneto Electrical Carriage at the 1900 L’expoistion De Paris. Which he utilises to transport guests around his museum.

Lord Henry is one of the foundering members of the 1899 chapter of S.E.A. and a portrait of the group is hung within his house.


  • He is the author of three books at the Skipper Canteen ‘Primates as Shipmates’, ‘A Manor of Fact’ and ‘Treasures From The Manor’.
  • He’s fez cap (plain red) is presented next to Albert’s at the Skipper Canteen.
  • He has an expedition paddle at the Topical Hideaway from his trip down the Ganges River in 1874.
  • He featured in “The Daily Gnus” from the Adventure Trading Company game at Disneyland. He is a noted recipient of the Elephant Juju, given for “assembling the largest collection of lost goods of the last century”.


Membership Confirmed
Paddle Ganges River, 1874
Fez true
Attractions Mystic Manor Skipper Canteen Tropical Hideaway
Parks Hong Kong Disneyland