Albert the Monkey

Albert the Monkey is Lord Henery Mystic’s faithful companion. On a trip to Papua New Guinea, Lord Mystic rescued Albert from a giant spider and named him after his uncle Albert.

Albert the Monkey is the central character to Mystic Manor, opening the enchanted Balinese Music Box which brings objects to life.

Originally both Lord Mystic and Albert were going to be more realistic characters but were cartoonified to be able to express more emotion in the limited time available.

Original concept sketch of Albert in his more ‘natural’ look. Source: Chris Turner Concept Art, Copyright Disney.


  • Albert has authored a book in the Skipper Canteen titled “FUZNEWI PDMWH CHF JS U”
  • At the Skipper Canteen Albert has a Fez located next to Lord Henry Mystics
  • In Bengal BBQ, Disneyland, there is a picture of Albert with Humphrey Bogard and Audry Hepburn from the African Queen, which heavily inspired the Jungle Cruise attraction.


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