Soarin: Fantastic Flight - S.E.A. Link Confirmed

Soarin: Fantastic Flight - S.E.A. Link Confirmed

Hi Explorers, sorry for no updates for a while - I’ve been busy building a Trader Sams style tiki room in my back garden (more on that to come).

Some exciting news has just come out from the Oriental Land Co regarding Sorin’. A few months ago I posted an article announcing the new name of the Attraction. Now, not only has Tokyo DisneySea announced the opening day, July 23rd, but also the back story! Guess what? There is a S.E.A. link in the attraction.

Nestled in the hills of Mediterranean Harbor, amidst the backdrop of an old-world Italian village, the Museum of Fantastic Flight is dedicated to humankind’s enduring dream of flying. Today, the museum celebrates Camellia Falco—a visionary innovator in the fledgeling field of aviation—with a special retrospective of her life.

This is the C. Falco who we recently spotted on paddles at the Tropical Hideaway.

imagineer-says-disneylands-tropical-hideaway-contains-clues-for-future-attractions-1-560x420.jpeg Source: Laughing Place

A grand tour of the museum includes a magical visit from the spirit of Camellia and culminates with Guests boarding her latest and greatest achievement—a flying vehicle of her own design called the Dream Flyer. Guests soon experience what Camellia believed, that our imagination can propel us into the future and take us everywhere in the world we wish to go. And before Guests know it, their spirits are sent soaring.

Fantastic Flight concept 1

We’ve also been shown some new concept art for the Museum of Fantastic Flight.

Fantastic Flight concept 2

Here is the press release in full.

There is also a dedicated website (Japanese only)


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