Dr Albert Falls

Dr Albert Falls is an explorer known for his ability to navigate rivers. In 1911 he founded the Jungle Navigation Skipper Company (J.N.C.) to help navigate his fellow explorers. He is best well known for the waterfall which bears his name, Schweitzer Falls which earned him the Elephant Juju in 1903.

Upon Dr Falls presumed death his granddaughter, Alberta, took over the running of the company and discovered a secret S.E.A. meeting room in the offices of the J.N.C. which was later turned into the Skipper Canteen.

Dr Albert Falls was awarded 3 S.E.A. certificates:

  • Certificate of Discovery, Ancient Cambodian Shrine
  • Certificate of Discover, Schweitzer Falls
  • Hightower Spirit of Adventure
Dr Albert Falls discovery the Cambodian shrine
Dr Albert Falls discovery the Cambodian shrine - Jungle Skipper


Membership Confirmed
Paddle 1903, Mbei River, Gabon
Fez true
Attractions Jungle Cruise Tropical Hideaway
Parks Disneyland, Magic Kingdom