Dr Kon Chunosuke

Dr Kon Chunosuke, Japan’s Preeminent Entomologist (study of insects), is a character announced as part of the 2021 reimagining of the Jungle Cruise. He was first mentioned by Alberta Falls (granddaughter of Dr Albert Falls) in the Daily Gnus.

A follow-up article by Attractions Magazine goes into a bit more detail with an interview with Imagineer Kevin Lively.

“When Alberta recognized the S.E.A. logo stenciled all over [Chunosuke’s] supplies and equipment,” explained Lively, “she invited the entomologist to take one of her world-famous jungle cruises. As an admirer of Dr. Falls’ legacy as a world-renowned adventurer, Chunosuke was hopeful that this younger Falls would be able to lead the way to the legendary Myrmecoleon, also referred to as the ‘lion of ants’.”

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