Jungle Cruise Movie & S.E.A.

Jungle Cruise Movie & S.E.A.

The Jungle Cruise movie came out last week on both the big and the small screen. We’ve been trawling over the movie to find all the S.E.A. references we can (if any).

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers and we will continue to update it as we find more

One of the most exciting parts of this movie is that it takes place in the same universe as the Jungle Cruise attraction so the entire story should be part of S.E.A. canon.

Albert Falls

Dr Albert Falls is referenced in two places. First the speech given by MacGregor Houghton to the Royal Society of Explorers. He explains they are looking for an arrowhead discovered by Dr Falls.

The second is the crate which bears the name ‘A. Falls Expedition’.


Rosita is the main villain, Nilo Nemalto, pet and is a nod to the Tropical Hideaway Rosita.

That’s all we could find but let me know what you discover in the comments below!


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