Miss Adventure Falls

Miss Adventure Falls

Miss Adventure Falls is a raft ride at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World. Annoucened on the 2nd of August as part of the Destintion D event it is the first attraction in the U.S. to have a S.E.A. backstory.

Captain Mary and her parrot dove for treasure hoping to share it. As they were hauling their ricjes to port, a typhoon struck and cut their trip short!

The story follows Captain Mary Oceaneer and her parrot Duncan after the shipwreck of the M.S. Salty IV.

Captain Mary Oceaneer collector & protector of nautical treasures

You may notice that there is Atlantan along the bottom of the diving bell. This could be a link between the film Atlantic: The Lost Empire and S.E.A. though we will have to wait and see if anything else pops up with this before we can be certain.