Disney Explorers Lodge

Disney Explorers Lodge

Disney Explorer Lodge is one of the 3 hotels based in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. It’s a 750 room adventure theme hotel, opening in 2005 it recently opened it’s Adventurers Suite. The Adventurers Suite is a highly themed room based upon the travels and adventurs of Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Disney’s two most famous explorers, love going on expeditions around the Lodge. They have set up a residence there as a base for their own adventures, and when they are out and about on their field trips they generously allow guests to stay there!

There is a really hidden link to S.E.A. within this suite.

At the begining of the video you can see a Mickey and Minnie’s suitcase by the door. If you take a really close look at their passports you can see the S.E.A. logo stamped in.

Mickey’s Passport
Minnie’s Passport