Disneyland Paris & S.E.A.

Disneyland Paris & S.E.A.

Howdy Explorers! This is really exciting! We’ve finally confirmed the link between Disneyland Paris and S.E.A.

We’ve known about a S.E.A. patch/badge in Disneyland Paris for a while, but just never knew where to find it! Chatting to a Disneyland Paris Imagineer on Twitter they did confirm it’s location and we asked the lovely people at ED92 to track it down and take a photo!

Located on a chest outside Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost this opens up a lot of questions 🤔

Source: ED92 on Twitter

Does mean that Colonel Hathi could be a member of S.E.A? Or maybe he just visited a clubhouse?

The Pizza Outpost was actually named after the elephant Colonel Hathi in the Jungle Book

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Cover Photo: Photo taken by ED92


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    Florian S. ·
    At the opening of Euro Disneyland, Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost was named "Explorer's Club". Coïncidence ? ...

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