Jungle Skipper


Welcome to Jungle Skipper. My name is Daniel and I’m a bit of a Disney theme park nerd. That’s me on the right alongside my lovely wife Jade, who follows (maybe dragged) me on all our visits to the parks.

I love everything to do with the Disney Parks. An obsession I got from /r/WaltDisneyWorld. After a trip in late 2014 I subscribed to the channel and became fascinated with the levels there are in the Disney parks.

This year (2017) am I lucky enough to be visited 3 Disney parks, plus Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (which is widely reported to be one of many inspirations to Walt Disney). I created this site as a way to pay back everyone I’ve asked questions to and hopefully give back to the community.

Hopefully, you’ll find my reviews and insights interesting please feel free to follow me on Twitter for more updates. Or if your a bit old school like me you can subscribe via an RSS reader, I share the full article.

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